Episode 1

Episode 1 | #tag #tag In this episode the guys talk about Starbucks failed attempt at breaking down the racial barriers in our world. So sit back and take a listen as the guys talk everything from race, […]

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Episode 2

In this episode the guys talk about how society is consumed with technology and can’t seem to communicate effectively any longer. Tune in and listen as they talk about how to actually get noticed by a woman, be engaging and answer questions from last weeks episode.

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Episode 3

Man-boys Unite This week we discuss when a boy becomes a man. It’s quite a little discussion and there are many who say that it is quite subjective. Well, is it? Is it?????

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Episode 4

Episode 4 | FaceRIP The discussion goes down a very familiar path…that’s right, we talk about your crazy uncle Ron who posts his apocalypse photos of conspiracy theories and dumps on anyone and everyone. #tagnowangworang!

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Episode 5

Episode 5 | Holy-wood So have you seen the latest in “so called” Christian entertainment? That’s what I thought, it was terrible right? Well, we dive into what we believe Christian movies…read more

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Episode 7

Episode 007 | Shotgun Wedding It’s a baby!! Attack of the show this week is on not keeping your hands to yourself dudes. Thinking it will never happen to me is not very smart and

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Episode 8

Episode 8 | Why Buy the Milk? So what’s wrong with moving in together?! You have to test out the merchandise before buying right? Or not buying at all…

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Denee Mallon

Episode 9

Episode 9 | Transgendernation So, what’s confused, an athlete and wearing dresses these days? Our world apparently. We go into some interesting territory on the show this week

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Episode 10

Episode 10 | Feminiminism Wow, we are not concerned about our safety whatsoever, because on this episode we discuss feminism! Unless you’ve been living under a rock,

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